Brisbane City Council’s Outdoor Gallery

The Outdoor Gallery projects sees Brisbane’s laneways, nooks and hidden pathways transformed into publicly accessible showcases of thrilling art involving lightboxes (like we have on Fish Lane, across from Julius), banners, vitrines and evening projections on large-scale landmarks.

The current exhibition, <play/ground>, curated by @MCRT, celebrates the existing playful charm of Brisbane as a concrete playground, while reminding us of the importance of daily routines connecting us to the planet that houses and nourishes us. Our modern lives are busy with work and responsibilities and living a balanced and playful life, while remaining grounded, is essential to finding and maintaining joy in our day-to-day physical and digital lives.

Our lightboxes are hosting works by Chinese artist Yin Lu whose artworks identify with different elements of nature and render a playful and unique place. With influences as diverse as Western Art and Eastern aesthetics, new insights are synthesised with respect to both natural and historical perspectives.

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