The Bond by Arina Apostolova

Arina Apostolova was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine. Arina started her artistic journey at Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture in 2006 where she studied fine art disciplines of academic drawing, painting and sculpture. Arina lived in China in 2019 and it has had a significant impact on her creative life and development. Her paintings have been exhibited all over China and they are housed in public and private collections. She classifies the type of painting as “Composite Realism”, because they involve elements of intense realism combined with abstract patterns and surrealistic dream-like scenes and symbolic images.

The mural Arina has painted in Fish Lane is a powerful representation of the bond between generations and the importance of honouring our elders. The piece depicts a young Slavic woman, standing beside her elderly mother. It serves as a reminder of the value of intergenerational relationships, and how they can enrich our lives. Arina said, “I want to capture the cultural heritage of the Slavic people, incorporating traditional motifs and designs into their garments on the mural. The mural invites us all to think about the ways in which we can honour and learn from the older generations in our families and communities. This image serves as a powerful symbol of the love and respect that should be given to our elders, and the importance of passing down cultural traditions from one generation to the next.”

This artwork was commissioned as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival 2023. Photos: soggybreadissad

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