I Am My Own Guardian by Saffaa

‘I Am My Own Guardian’ is a collaboration between ten different illustrators, including famous political activist and artist Saffaa.

Saffaa told us that the inspiration behind the mural is “to highlight the struggles of imprisoned and tortured Saudi activists” and “pay tribute to the ongoing struggles of Indigenous communities” by championing the faces of formidable women in her art.

Some of the important faces in the mural include Arrernte woman Celeste Liddle (an indigenous rights spokesperson currently residing in Melbourne) and Palestinian-American poet Suhair Hamad.

Also of significance is the portrait of Syrian-American mother and daughter activists Orouba and Halla Barakat, who were murdered after seeking to reveal human rights abuses under the Assad regime.

The latest at I Am My Own Guardian by Saffaa:

Fish Ln,
South Brisbane

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