RE FORMATION by Megan Cope

Megan Cope is a Quandamooka (North Stradbroke Island) artist. Her site-specific sculptural installations, video work and paintings investigate issues relating to identity, the environment and mapping practices.

Extending upon Cope’s series of sculptural works, RE FORMATION, the oyster middens within the Town Square vitrine are used to draw attention to the ways we think about history, architecture and placemaking.

Middens are historic man-made structures that mark sites where Aboriginal communities once gathered and lived, tracing a record of occupation, culture and communication and debunking the colonial claim that Australia was terra nullius, or unoccupied territory.

Cope has made the left midden in the Town Square vitrine from oyster shells, and the right from concrete, reflecting the early colonial practice of mining middens in Moreton Bay for their lime, which was then burnt to create mortar for the colony.

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