Mirror Ring & Ambient Painting (circle 1&2) by Ross Manning

Ross Manning is a Brisbane-based artist working primarily with kinetic art forms. He has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, including in the Shanghai Biennale. Manning is represented by Milani Gallery.

Mirror Ring 2020
Single Vitrine

A video camera sends a live feed to two inverted televisions. ‘Filming’ the installation of screens, the camera creates a feedback loop, produced by the processing and recapturing of the TV displays. The street outside is also featured in the shot, bringing ‘real time’ events into the mix of abstracted imagery.

Ambient Painting (circle 1) 2020
Ambient Painting (circle 2) 2020
Double Vitrine

Ambient light is the source of imagery in both works… Geometric forms are generated as white light from the environment and split into composite colours by glass colour filters attached to the face of the canvases.

The vitrines sit in Fish Lane Town Square adjacent to Kiki Kiosk.  

    Town Square Vitrines
    Ross Manning Ambient Circle

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