Sunshine of your love (Rise & Pine) by Samuel Tupou

Samuel Tupou’s two-part banner artwork features playful and energetic ‘Queensland’ motif-characters. The imagery in these banners is inspired by the 1967 Cream song ‘Sunshine of your love’. The work presents a dream sequence featuring a flock of hovering olive-backed sunbirds pollinating a field of juicy pineapples. The strong Queensland sun and subtropical air cultivates fleshy humanoid figures, which rise out of the rich productive soil, growing upwards on a journey towards the sun. Full of flavour and pulsating energy, the figures sprout pineapple heads and prepare for a night out on the town.

Photo: AJ Moller. Courtesy of the artist, Aria Property Group and Onespace.

Fish Ln,
South Brisbane
Two people walking down a clean laneway at dusk looking up at a artwork of a woman in 70's black and white dress with a pineapple as a head.
People in green and blue clothing looking up at artwork. Artwork is of a man in a navy suit with a pineapple motif as a head. He is standing in a yellow and green geometric background with birds and pineapples.
Man in black tshirt with a green logo. His hands are in his pockets and he is smiling. He is standing in a laneway that has red brick building and blue road.

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