Town Square vitrines: Three works by Eugene Carchesio

Brisbane-based artist Eugene Carchesio has been creating small-scale watercolours and sculptures, with a focus on utilising household objects (like the matchboxes in Long Light’s Journey into Space) to create ephemeral works, since the 1980s.

His intimate works require pause and focus to enjoy, providing a brief reprieve from the rush of modern life.

Silentia est omnia circum, 2013 | Watercolour on paper, 21 x 29.7 cm

‘silence is all around’

the more we look at things the more abstract they become.

the ‘thing’ eventually disappears in ‘abstractness ‘

and what is left is a symbol or a memory of attachment.

a representation of a dead leaf, an animal or say a landscape is

obviously not the real thing but the mystery of its essence.

Long Light’s Journey into Space, 2015 | 20 matchbox constructions, 5×3.5 cm each

every piece is a small universe of itself.

the myth of scale – the idea is as big as the world.

once again dealing with the abstract

each work is a conversation about what we see

as we travel about in our day –

stripes squares angles of shops / advertising / trademarks / design.

the museum of life.

Olympic King, 2012 | Paper, dimensions variable 

a work that plays with ‘light’.

sculpture that exists in relation to itself.

inherently empty it has a dynamism.

with the light the shadows move.

movement equals creation.

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