Town Square Vitrines

Three vitrines, located in the urban tropical oasis of Town Square, host an annual program of six artists exploring different mediums, cultures and expressions. Workshops, In Conversations and Tours are programmed for each exhibit. Keep up to date through our newsletter.

Currently on display are installations by James Hornsby, as an outcome of THE OFFICE residency in Fish Lane 2023.

An urban legend is a modern story of obscure origin that traditionally spreads through word of mouth. These stories act as analogies that reflect and confirm anxieties, beliefs and prejudices in modern society. Urban legends are entertaining but concern peril or troubling events, strange objects, and mysterious places. Combining elements of humour and horror these modern-day tales advocate for disruption, change and transformation.

As everyday life becomes more accelerated, these window displays in a public thoroughfare extend a refuge; a campfire with a good story entailing, mystique, novelty, and moral.

Each window offers a gateway into a scene that traverses resilience, transformation, and collective excitement. A baffling second-hand narrative, heard from “a friend of a friend,” conveying hopes and dreams, harrowing visions, and a celebration of the vibrant land called Meanjin/Brisbane.

Urban Legends window displays are created by James Hornsby in collaboration with Silk and Squeeg (@silkandsqueeg) with garments by James Hornsby (@Unclechronicbone) and Rovel Hg (@rovelhg).

10 Fish Lane, South Brisbane QLD 4101

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