Explore Fish Lane

Hosier Lane who? A frivolous display of Australian street art is right on your very own doorstep, so get ready to Gogh on a visual escapade.

Muhammed Ali

by Travis Vinson 

The gloves are off, and the artwork’s in: Fish Lane is officially your go-to dining precinct. Sitting above shipping-container-turned-restaurant Hello Please, this Travis Vinson mural recreates an iconic image of Ali.


Head in the Clouds 2

by Fintan Magee

In Brisbane, it’s always cloudy with a chance of genius – something proven by the works of Fintan Magee. The large-scale mural sits across from The Fox Hotel, on the opposite corner of Fish Lane and Hope Street. It depicts a woman with her face hidden behind clouds of fabric – inspired by discarded cloths found in the abandoned Rocklea Spinning Mills. Paying tribute to an earlier work of Magee’s, the mural represents the de-industrialisation of the South Brisbane area as factories and warehouses disappear, and the face of the area changes.


Gold Ripples and Afloat

by Drapl

With the assistance and support of Queensland Rail, artist Drapl was able to craft an extension of the popular G20 summit Pillars Project. Set beneath the South Brisbane railway, the two works add visual appeal to the laneway’s more practical corner.

The Harvest

by MIMI 

When it comes to visiting Fish Lane, there’s only one response: wine not? The Harvest represents the four stages of wine production: grow, harvest, produce, and drink. This piece celebrates the sustainable, farm-to-table mindset seen so often in South Brisbane – from pop-up producer dinners at Wandering Cooks to dishes touted by restaurants Gauge, La Lune Wine Co, and Billykart.


by Nike Savvas

Standing at a crossroads never looked so good. A descending laneway joins Fish Lane with Melbourne Street beside the towering Melbourne Residences. Here, Australian artist Nike Savvas has designed an installation to remember. ‘Echo’ is made up of 85 acryllic discs suspended above the laneway, each with different colours and opacities. The discs overlap in a kaleidoscope of colour, transforming throughout the day as light hits it differently. Savvas’ artwork echoes the immersive design of Fish Lane itself – a mix of lifestyle, dining, and historic spaces.