Faces of Fish Lane: Brigitte and Sinead of Miss Green’s Beans

Meet multi-talented Brigitte O’Brien and Sinead Green, Fish Lane’s family power duo.

The mother-daughter team are the brains and brawn behind Miss Green’s Beans, a vibrant red café on the corner of Merivale St and Fish Lane. Following the close of the lane’s iconic Paladar Fumior Salon, Brigitte and Sinead revamped the space as Miss Green’s Beans, and have been serving quality brews ever since.  As well as supplying locals with fresh coffee and tea, the duo own and operate MAX Talent Agency.

We got them to spill the (coffee) beans on living and working in Fish Lane.

So, Sinead, what lead you to Miss Green’s Beans?

Sinead: I had a stint in Melbourne, to complete an Arts Diploma, where I worked for Pay A Sack Forward, which is a charity that packs sacks for the homeless. I worked at the base of the charity at the time, which doubled as a little cafe in St Kilda. That company taught me everything I know about running a business today.

Brigitte: As soon as we saw that Paladar Fumior Salon was available, we leapt at the opportunity to make that space our own, and Miss Green’s Beans was born.



What’s most important to you?

Brigitte: It has to be family. I am happiest surrounded by my children and grandchildren, and raising my family surrounded by trees and mountains in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is my fondest memory. Although it’s a change from the coast, I love living in the Fish Lane precinct with its diversity, culture and people. I feel like part of the community of South Brisbane and West End.

What’s your favourite drink from your café?

Brigitte: The Miss Green’s Beans Maltese Cold Brew is my go-to. It’s refreshing and keeps me going throughout the day.

Sinead: Espresso Romano, which is espresso served with lemon peel. Adds a little twang to the coffee and tribute to our Italian beans.

Do you have a favourite Fish Lane artwork?

Brigitte: I appreciate the laneway artwork every day. I enjoy walking on the patterned road, but the piece I admire the most would have to be The Harvest by Mimi, because I love the way the colours connect to Fish Lane.

Sinead: Muhammad Ali by Travis Vinson; the boldness of this work always catches my eye.



How would you spend a night out in Fish Lane?

Brigitte: I love art, so after a visit to GOMA I would head to La Lune Wine Co. for a drink, followed by Hello Please for a bite or two.

Sinead: Ideally, a night out on Fish Lane would include beautiful pizza from Julius, and drinks at Wandering Cooks.

Guests are coming over – what are you cooking?

Brigitte: That would be whatever my husband is making. Living in the South Brisbane precinct means I am always surrounded by food, and after making dinner every night for 30 years, I don’t cook anymore.

Sinead: My cooking skills are rather sub-par, but I do make a delicious mushroom pho.

You can find Miss Green’s Beans and MAX Talent Management at the corner of Merivale Street and Fish Lane. Stop in for an Espresso Romano and say hi to Sinead and Brigitte!