Healthy eats on Fish Lane

It’s a new year, and our resolutions are in full force.

If like us, you’ve put “be healthier” on your list for the umpteenth time, here’s where to grab a nourishing feast on Fish Lane while you’re still motivated.

You can’t spell health without Kiss The Berry, and every item on their menu is a recipe for fitspiration. With acai bowls, superfood blends, and smoothies, you’ll be feeling fresh all day after a visit to the acai specialists.

Salad is a must in any diet, and NOM is here to supply. Offering a rotating selection of salads like green beans with parmesan and almonds, tomato and feta, and the classic quinoa, your lunch is sorted. Plus, add any salad to a hummus bowl with pita bread for a tasty twist.

Speaking of salad, Hello Please has a whole range of delicious Vietnamese dishes that are big on flavour. Think plum duck salad with pickled vegetables and noodles, coconut chicken salad, and grilled aubergine with coriander.

Enjoy a refreshing Greek salad at Five Sisters, made with fresh tomato, cucumber, onion, feta, and olives.

Happy new year!