Sip into spring on Fish Lane

It’s the time of year that puts a spring in your step as you wander through Fish Lane — things are slowly heating up and we are ready to celebrate spring with a sip or two!

Julius Pizzeria – Bellini

The humble Bellini is known and loved around the world, but somehow tastes best when sipped while catching a breeze in Julius’ laneway seating. Classically served as an aperitif to get your appetite warmed up, the Bellini is a refreshing way to start your long Italian lunch this season.


Next Episode – Hendricks Lamar

Next Episode are masters of many things, including punny cocktail names! Another thing they’re great at is crafting delicious, refreshing drinks, including the Hendricks Lamar. The flavours in this cocktail combine to deliver a fresh taste of spring – think Hendricks gin, an aloe vera reduction, citrus, and mint.


Chu the Phat – Kung Fu Panda

Sweet and refreshing, the Kung Fu Panda cocktail at Chu the Phat is what springtime dreams are made of! Ketel One vodka, elderflower liqueur, and freshly-blended lychee combine to create a juicy, floral drink that is impossible to refuse.


Grassfed – Vegan Shakes

 Grassfed is famous for their vegan burgers and sides, but for those with a sweet tooth, their vegan I Should Coco ice cream sundaes and shakes are unmissable. Available in four classic flavours (chocolate, vanilla, caramel or strawberry), why not try all four this season?


Billykart Bar – Smokin’ Pineapple

 As the days get hotter, our need for a refreshing cocktail gets stronger! Look no further than Billykart Bar’s Smokin’ Pineapple;  we’re talking mezcal, Cointreau, spicy pineapple syrup, lime and fresh pineapple.


Catch you on the sip-side.

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