The Bucket List

Fish Lane, you bloody catch. Swimming in flavour and set to net you some serious lunch gains, #dinnergoals, and snap-worthy desserts, this Brisbane laneway has plenty on offer – not least your food coma.

Let’s face it, though: every team has its stars, and these are the unmissable; the unavoidably scrumptious; the bucket list.

  1. Tartufo pizza | Julius Pizzeria | Be warned; you won’t have mushroom for dessert.
  2. BBQ lamb pancakes | Hello Please | Stop, wrap and roll into this Fish Lane fave.
  3. Signature baby back pork ribs | Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack | Date night’s gettin’ saucy.
  4. Steamed duck buns | Chu the Phat | Fly the coop for a meal worth duck, duck, schmoozing for.
  5. Handcut chips | Ol’ School | Feeling chipper? This is probably why.
  6. House made hummus with pita bread and pickles | Naïm | You know what they say; hummus where the heart is.
  7. Tiramisu gelato | Gelato Messina | I scream, you scream, we all scream for caffeinated dessert.
  8. Acai bowl | Smashing Berries | Healthy eaters will be berry, berry happy at this news.
  9. Black garlic bread, brown butter, burnt vanilla | Gauge | Vampies? Gone. Hunger? Nowhere in sight. Waistband? Definitely compromised.
  10. Doughnut fries | The Fox Hotel | Because Mum told us to follow our dreams.
  11. Slow braised Steak and Guinness pie | Pig ‘n’ Whistle | ‘Cause your whole lunch break’s at steak.
  12. Classic Viet banh mi with pork belly, garlic and black pepper sausage | Phuc Deli |