Celebrate National Cheese Day

Hey, hey National Cheese Day! June 4th is less than a week away, and in celebration of all things cheesy, we decided to roll out this list of the most creamy, stringy, and aromatic cheese dishes that Fish Lane has to offer!

La Lune ǀ Chevre du Pelussin
When it comes to cheese boards, La Lune’s Chevre du Pelussin Cheese Plate sure drives a wedge in the competition! The star of the show is the plate’s delicate French goat cheese infused with leek and lemon flavour. Even better, La Lune can also pair your cheese-imbued palate with the perfect wine!

Wandering Cooks ǀ The Deli Planter’s Plate
Not to go overboard with the cheese boards, but this one by Wandering Cooks definitely deserves a mention! Introducing The Deli Planter’s Plate, an assortment of Fenn smoked sesame cheese, Nutsy Cashew Cheeze, seasonal fruits and more that both vegans and the lactose-intolerant will love. Just make sure to check The Deli’s opening times before you visit.

Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack ǀ Jala-Macca-Pẽno Poppers
Spice up your life with Big’s Roddy’s version of the ultimate cheese dish – mac ‘n’ cheese.  Keeping things hot by stuffing mozzarella macaroni inside jalapenos before frying it, this dish is sure to fire up the digestive system while warming the heart.

Julius Pizzeria ǀ Any of their pizzas
What’s pizza without cheese? Let’s not find out – instead, indulge in any one of Julius’ decadent Bianche pizzas! All topped with mozzarella, you can’t go wrong with their Soppressa or Gamberi Piccanti.

Billykart Bar ǀ Cheeseburger
For a meal that’s easy, breezy (not to mention cheesy), look no further than Billykart Bar’s original cheeseburger. You can’t get more classic than their house-made beef patty topped with American cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup, and mustard mayo on a milk bun. Bonus points if you pair it with their parmesan and truffle oil fries!

Five Sisters Café & Bar ǀ Haloumi Platter
Hello Haloumi! Enjoy everyone’s favourite breakfast cheese with dolmathes, Greek salad, chips, Pita bread, and Tzatziki. And if you thought it couldn’t get any feta than this, try again! Five Sister’s offer up some seriously good Feta chips sprinkled with oregano as well.

We hope you have your best cheese knife ready – you’ll want a slice of this.

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