Chu the Phat Banquet

Really being chu-ing over what to have for lunch? Promised yourself that you would be ‘good’ this week and only bring food from home? That peanut butter sandwich is looking stale, stale, stale and there’s nothing more depressing than eating the same thing four days in a row. You know what? You should treat yo’self to Chu the Phat.

Grab your best work mates, pencil yourself in for an extra-long ‘meeting’ and book a long lunch. Indulge in a five-course chef’s choice, pan-Asian banquet for just $25. Whether you’re dreaming of duck buns, drooling over dumplings, or ready to chew through your chopsticks, there’s something for everyone.

Chu over the workplace gossip and have yourself a phat time – you’ll even have change for a couple of weekday wines at this rate!

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