Day in the life of Fish Lane

Don’t be fooled Brisbane – more than just a street, Fish Lane is a lifestyle embodied in one destination. Art, culture, atmosphere and, of course, the food! With all that and more, one is often overwhelmed with choice. So sip back, relax, and let us take you through a day in the life of Fish Lane.

Every morning, Fish Lane hits the ground running – treadmills are going at 12 Rounds, commuters hurrying from A to B, and at Hoo Ha Coffee Bar, it’s full steam ahead! Join the crowds as they line up for this coffee shops warm lattes and popular scrolls, made fresh daily by local bakery Crust & Co. Artisan.

It’s still rush hour, but if you’re looking to slow down, we suggest stepping into NÖM for leisurely Middle-Eastern style breakfast. Take your time picking from their fulsome menu of Pastrami Toasts and signature Braised Beans, or opt for classic Avo on Toast, which comes with a pomegranate and Persian feta twist!

Looking to discover a whole new world of fine art? Simply cross the road. At GOMA, one can sleuth around Patricia Piccinini’s ‘Curious Affection’, which will be running until August 5th, or enjoy life’s little wonders with Tony Albert’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’ exhibit.

The art in Fish Lane has everyone’s eyes satisfied, but now the tummies start to rumble. The solution?

Cruising down the lane to visit Billykart, whose signature Billykart cheeseburger are always fan-favourites at lunchtime. Alternatively, those after a slice of the Fish Lane life can drop by Julius for a delicious Gamberi Piccanti seafood pizza topped with cherry tomatoes and local tiger prawns.

Don’t suffer – have supper, and a chicken bao (or two) from Hello Please should be just enough to tide you over until dinner. Winter-time also means that the sun now sets at 3.00pm, so take your bao to go and watch day turn to night in the nearby South Bank green.

When it comes to making dinner plans, you know who to choose – Chu The Phat’s banquets are the perfect way to conquer the night. Far from a dime in a dozen, their 12-course menu for only $60pp boasts steamed duck buns, mushroom dumplings, beef kalbi and more.

The restaurants are closing and the lane slowly emptying, but there’s still a whole world of flavour to discover. Swoop into Gelato Messina for a scoop or two of their Dulce de Leche flavour or Strawberries & Cream before the night comes to a close.

Don’t want to call it a day? Never fear – there are things to do in Fish Lane every day of the week.

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