Discover Unknown Pleasures at Wandering Cooks

If that bottle of red you have sitting at home just isn’t as exciting as it used to be, maybe it’s time to go on the prowl for something a little more daring.

Wander into Wandering Cooks on Saturday, May 25 and discover the new frontier of Australian boutique winemakers, along with a whole bunch of other Unknown Pleasures.

Always on the hunt for the most unique flavours on the market, Wandering Cooks has assembled a team of the best small-production wines from around the country.

Introducing the likes of Stargazer, Sutton Grange, Vigna Bottin, Konpira Maru, Dirty Black Denim and South by South West – all boasting rogue reds and wild whites designed to leave you thirsty for more.

The unique eats you’ve come to expect from Wandering Cooks will, of course, be a key part of the show along with live music to keep the good vibes alive well into the afternoon.

$60 gets you access to all of these not-so-secret pleasures, plus the hours of dancing that inevitably ensue when wine, food and music come together.

Even the most seasoned veterans of red should look forward to the brave, new tastes on offer at Unknown Pleasures.

Five hours of flavour kicks off at midday this Saturday so book your tickets here.

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