Explore Fish Lane on a budget

It’s getting close to Christmas, and between buying gifts for our loved ones and purchasing our third tree, we’re trying to save where we can.

Although pocket change has become our primary form of currency, it doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves once in a while, and Fish Lane’s serving up some inexpensive treats to splurge those coins on.

It’s hard to beat fried chicken and beer, and Chu The Phat’s $10 special is a must-try. For $10 whole dollars, you can indulge on fried chicken and rotating feature brewery’s beers, every Thursday night.

Embrace your artistic side at QAGOMA, with a guided tour of the gallery. These free, 30-40min tours will give you more insight to the exhibitions from Purple Reign to A Fleeting Bloom.

Speaking of knowledge, put it to the test at Saccharomyces Beer Café’s pub trivia, every Wednesday night, for free! Pair it with a few good brews and you’re golden.

If you’re after a night of good wine and great food, head to La Lune for their $19 specials in November. Think kangaroo carpaccio with a glass of red, or crudo and daikon with a glass of white.

Big Roddy’s Rib Shack is a go-to for delectable eats on a budget. With specials running all week, we suggest saving up for a few chicken wings, just $1 each, every Wednesday.

Next time you find some spare change, take it to Fish Lane; where quality eats don’t have the price tag.

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