Faces of Fish Lane: La Lune’s Peter Moon

After heading to Euro-inspired wine bar La Lune Wine Co. and filling up on fresh oysters and (a lot of) cheese, we chatted with head chef Peter Moon about his favourite dishes and drops from his acclaimed menu – and discovered what we should be serving next time we entertain at home.

Did you always know you wanted to be a chef?
I grew up with the dream of growing plants and flowers, but I didn’t like the idea of working outdoors. I discovered my passion for cooking when I was share-housing, but started pursuing it when one of my friends – who was already a chef – encouraged me to start an apprenticeship. I’ve maintained my interest in gardening though, especially at home with my Orchids.

What do you do in your downtime?
Between my interests in rugby and Formula 1, I enjoy mountain bike riding when I can find the time.

We could make wine and cheese our entire diet, but what’s your favourite dish from La Lune’s menu?
My favourite dish is the Buckwheat Pappardelle with chestnuts and king oyster mushrooms – while it’s a vegan/gluten-free dish, don’t let that scare you. It’s full of rich flavours, silken textures from the buckwheat noodles and an earthy-nuttiness from the chestnut créme. I’d pair this dish with a glass of Escarpment Pinot Noir from Martinborough NZ for some stewed cherry, funky mushroom and smokey liquid goodness.

What’s your top pick when it comes to Fish Lane artwork?
The Finished Wall is particularly striking to me, especially the fish. With the mirrored view of Fish Lane looking back towards the city skyline, it’s a reminder of where you came from.

What are you loving most about Brisbane right now?
The cool weather with bright, clear and moderate days. Having just returned from 40-degree weather in Italy, it’s really refreshing being back home!

How would you spend the perfect night out in Fish Lane?
By starting at Wandering Cooks for a cleansing beer, moving on to La Lune for a few snacks and glasses of wine, then sneaking around the corner to Gauge for the main course. Afterwards, I’d head back in the lane to Julius for a pizza, completing the evening with a cocktail (or more) at Maker.

Guests are coming over, what do you make for a house party?
I would start with some freshly shucked rock oysters and pair them with a Passionfruit Harvey Wallbanger to get everyone’s tongues wagging. Moving on to Paperbark smoked Barramundi on the barbeque, with coconut, lime & chilli salad, served with a 5 year old Riesling (or brand new Txakoli). Main course is a roast rack of veal, buttered cocktail potatoes, beans tossed in anchovy and garlic with caramelised pumpkin puree. A magnum of Old Shiraz… Dessert would have to be pear and rosemary jalousie with truffled honey ice cream.

So, in conclusion, we’re officially inviting ourselves to dinner.

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