Faces of Fish Lane: Talia Wylie of Pilgrim Hot Yoga

Our Faces of Fish Lane series gives readers the opportunity to learn more about the people who make Fish Lane the eclectic cultural and foodie hub that it is today!

Pilgrim Hot Yoga has been the sweat capital of Fish Lane since March this year. Despite being the new kids on the block, they have already made their mark with a positive approach to mindfulness and strength with a singular promise: you will sweat.

Studio manager Talia Wylie has brought her passion to life at Pilgrim, creating an ego-free and engaging environment, promoting a positive mind and body through playful yoga with integrity. With a background in dancing and hockey, Talia has grown up with a love and appreciation for movement. Four years ago, she directed that into practising yoga and it quickly became her passion. 

Talia’s favourite Pilgrim class is Warrior, as she enjoys helping people create strong minds in strong bodies. She says, “power-based movement helped me to find stillness even in the moments you don’t think it’s possible.” But Talia’s favourite part of being in the Pilgrim team is the community she is surrounded with.

“Seeing my students and colleagues grow and learn together has created a strong foundation to the studio. It has taught me that we are all on our own journeys, but we are in it all together.”

You’ll find Talia and her team soaking up their neighbourhood by sipping on Kiki’s Pilgrim Passion juice—“a zingy greens juice dedicated to refuelling and charging your immune system after a sweaty hot yoga session”—or tucking into one of Grassfed’s tasty plant-based burgers. Away from Fish Lane, your best bet is to find Talia soaking up the sunshine and embracing nature, preferably by the beach. 

As for the artwork that lines Fish Lane, Talia’s favourite is the piece by Zoe Porter above the studio itself.

“It reflects some sort of physical and spiritual journey taking place. A dreamscape with numerous characters traversing the environment on a pilgrimage [and] has helped create a space to feel energised, curious and engaged with the imagery,” she says.

There’s also a large mural by Zoe inside the Pilgrim Yoga studio, but you’ll have to pay Talia a visit to see it for yourself!

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