Go green and eat your veggies on Fish Lane

It’s not easy being green – especially when there are so many delicious meat-filled options tempting you along the lane!

Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian or wanting take advantage of Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17, we’ve gathered a list of all the spots you can load up on veggies on Fish Lane!

Wandering Cooks
While this foodie hotspot’s pop-up kitchens rotate regularly, you can be sure of vegetarian options on the menu whoever’s on the frying pans! Regular pop-up kitchens that have a focus on the plant-based world include Indie Treats (their Korean sweet potato noodles with veggies and a fried egg are unmissable), Pie Town, and Bond Street Eats, who specialise in jazzed up salads. Lunch sorted.

Punjabi Palace
This traditional Punjabi venue has more veggie options on their menu than the cute elephant out the front can point its trunk at! You’ll feel like a sultan with onion bhaji pakora, veggie samosas, and paneer tikka (spice marinated home-made cheese cubes, skewered and grilled) – who said vegetarian was boring?

Hello Please
If the tantalising vegetarian options at Hello Please don’t make you love eating plants and plants alone, we don’t know what will! Devour the braised tofu with pineapple, mushroom, greens, and umami broth for a mindblowing vege experience, or grab the corn and coconut fritters with coconut, chilli, and coriander for a fresh and tasty snack.

Eat Your Vegetables Day is every day on Fish Lane – and it’s delicious.

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