La Scala Ballet Comes to QPAC

For ballet that’s ‘en pointe, look no further than La Scala.

Leaps and bounds ahead of the pack, Milan’s stunning La Scala ballet troupe is making its way to Brisbane (and Brisbane only!) for two iconic productions. Being their first time in Australia, you’ll be treated to a rare showcase of sheer talent and wonder.

Feel special yet? You certainly will after breathtaking performances of Don Quixote and Giselle sweep across the QPAC stage.

From Don Quixote’s classic enchanting Spanish tale, replete with gypsy dances, fandangos, matadors and windmills, to Giselle’s hauntingly beautiful ensemble of tutus gliding eerily through the forest, a memorable experience like no other awaits, thanks to La Scala.

Secure tickets here. You’ll be dancing all the way to the checkout.

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