Lunchtime in Fish Lane

It’s 12pm. Your morning muesli and coffee seems like years ago. Your stomach grumbles. A co-worker catches you trying to stifle a hunger induced yawn and shares a knowing smile. It’s time, lunchtime, and where else to prevent hanger (and a riot) than at Fish Lane?

The Fox Hotel
$4 barely buys you a yogurt from IGA anymore, so you can imagine the pure joy that comes from handing over four clams for one of the best pizzas in Brisbane. Choose from classics including calabrese and margherita or get saucy with Peking duck or Quincy Jones – blue cheese, prosciutto, quince and tater tots for those not in the know. (Pro tip – the tater tots are next level.)

Julius Pizzeria
Plates of pappardelle, mountains of mezze maniche and copious amounts of calamari fritti – only at Julius. Be transported back to Italia with shared pates of antipasto and your choice of pasta or pizza for $35. Sink your fork into spaghetti ai gamberi or say a prayer to sweet baby cheesus that tartufo exists in this world whilst you sip on Aperol Spritz and watch the world go by.

Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack
Thirteen might be an unlucky number for some, but not when it’s a $13 burger from Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack. With a choice of fried chicken, veggie and classic cheeseburgers it’s easy to be overwhelmed for choice, but it’s hard to look past a saucy ribwich: your choice of slow cooked pulled meat with BBQ sauce, coleslaw and homemade dill pickles on a fresh brioche bun. Team your burger with jala-macca-peno poppers and dipping sauce and write the afternoon off, it’s food coma time.

Ol’ School
The closest thing to a beach trip, Ol’ School is bringing fish n’ chips nostalgia back in a big way to your lunch hour. Hello potato scallops, battered fish of the day, creaming soda and fancy AF tartare sauce. Need something stronger? Their bottled cocktails are as delicious as they are insta-worthy – and we won’t tell your boss if you have a cheeky lunchtime refreshment.

Chu the Phat
Need to Chu over some workplace gossip? Pencil yourself in for a ‘meeting’ and book a long lunch at Chu the Phat. Indulge in a five-course chef’s choice, pan-Asian banquet for just $25. You’ll even have change for a couple of post-work frothies at this rate!

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