No lamp, no worries: Where to dine before watching Aladdin at QPAC

Have you heard the news? There’ll be Arabian tunes and genies galore in Brisbane this month as the musical production of childhood-favourite Aladdin graces the stages at QPAC! However, there’s no need to swipe bread off the streets à la Abu before heading to the show – the dining on offer in Fish Lane is here to make all your (hungry) wishes come true.

Hello Please ǀ South Brisbane
There’s a whole new world out there, and the bao chicken on Hello Please’s menu is the foodie equivalent to a magic carpet ride! Feast your eyes on their delicious Vietnamese fusion menu and let it take your stomach to wonder by wonder before the show.

Julius ǀ South Brisbane
For a meal worthy of Agrabah royalty, be sure to visit and get your hands on the deluxe marinara and prosciutto pizzas at Julius. Sultan-to-perfection and delicious in every way, their pizzas are not the only thing that keeps us going back; their late dining hours also mean it’s the perfect place to feast after showtime as well!

La Lune ǀ South Brisbane
Shining, shimmering, splendid… what better way to describe the decadent sparkling wines and chardonnay’s being meted out at La Lune? And thanks to their late-night hours, the party doesn’t have to stop when the lights go down! Keep the magic going by dropping in after the show to feast on their decadent oysters and cheese boards.

Maker ǀ South Brisbane
If you’re after a cheeky pre-show martini or customised cocktail before heading to QPAC, then you ain’t never had a friend like Maker. Drinks aside, this hide-away bar/ cave of wonders also serves up some edible treasures including pastrami toasties and a mean charcuterie board.

Ol’ School ǀ South Brisbane
A tale of one thousand and one Arabian nights is gonna take a while to tell, so make sure to fill up beforehand with a hearty meal from Ol’ School! As well as being located not too Jafar from QPAC, Ol’ School’s genius fish tacos and mouth-watering calamari really have wanting to Iago.

Chu the Phat ǀ South Brisbane
Thanks to a menu that dishes out Asian street food, but with a gourmet touch, street rats and princesses alike can feel at home in Chu the Phat! Their colourful bazaar-like interior and succulent beef kalbi provide a feast for all your senses, and is the perfect warm-up setting before real show begins.

Whether it’s curtain call or curtain close, Fish Lane is here to fulfil all your foodie needs – no genie necessary.

Words by Jacqueline Pon 

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