Council’s “Springfinity” exhibition brings a local work to Fish Lane

Brisbane City Council’s ongoing Outdoor Gallery program sees Brisbane’s public spaces, streets and laneways become colourful showcases of local, national and international artworks, with the current exhibition, Springfinity, focusing on small joyful and nostalgic moments encountered in day-to-day life.

Until November 21, the lightboxes at the Grey Street entrance to Fish Lane will host a clever text-based work by Brisbane-based artist Sebastian Moody: “Not every breath becomes a sentence” (2021), is typical of Sebastian’s work which offers passersby mantras or philosophical propositions to take with them.

Another piece by Sebastian is also featured in the King George Square carpark as part of Springfinity. Learn more about the other works on show and plan your own Outdoor Gallery art trail here.

Springfinity pieces will be on display across the city until November 21.

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