QAG Presents: Tony Albert’s ‘Visible’

While it’s tempting to go on an all-out feeding frenzy throughout Fish Lane, it’d be preferable to not need wheelchair assistance on your departure. So, take it slow, and while you’re on a mid-feast break, digest one of the Queensland Art Gallery’s best current exhibitions.

Young Indigenous Australian artist Tony Albert presents his work Visible in an eye-opening experience of Indigenous culture and heritage, on show until October 7.

The exhibit has been developed to kick-start conversations around the misrepresentation of Aboriginal Australians through a range of pieces including painting, video, photography and installations.

Using a combo of humourous and touching techniques, Tony challenges beliefs and misconceptions about his culture and the issues faced by so many in his community.

If a day of intrigue, culture and light-hearted humour sounds like your gig, head down to QAG and check it out.

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