Step into the Unknown

Unknown to many, 2018’s Fish Lane Festival didn’t just bring food and fun – it also saw one wall become just that little more colourful as a new mural was added to the lane!

Step through The Unknown, the latest artwork that adorns the pillars holding up a section of South Brisbane’s train tracks near Vietnamese restaurant Hello Please and Julius Pizzeria.

Set apart in being the first piece of typography-focused art in the lane, it was created by dream-team duo Brett Piva and Craig Black, both amazing typographers of Australian and Glasgow fame respectively.

Made in homage to all the best creatives artists that have contributed to the Brisbane scene already, The Unknown is also a celebratory piece of all the art that’s still to come and just waiting to be created!

Despite its name, there’s no doubt where the meaning of this piece stems from! Besides the imaginative genius of its creators, this piece was also made with direction from First Coats Studios’ Grace Dewer and freelance designer Zac Southgate. The collaboration of the century, you ask?

We think so!

Splashed across vibrant streaks of lime greens, taffy pinks, mustard yellows, and different shades of blue are the words ‘The Unknown.’ Thanks to its three-dimensional effect created by shadowing, the words seem to jump off the pillars to greet the everyday passer-by.

Looking for a morning dose of inspiration? Then be sure to stop by and admire The Unknown – it might just spark an idea for your next great artistic adventure!

*Photography by Craig Black

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