We can be heroes!

Award-winning Australian artist Tony Albert has arrived at GOMA!

Tony Albert combines text, video, drawing, painting, and three-dimensional objects to create extraordinary mixed media. As Albert examines the legacy of racial and cultural misrepresentation, particularly of Australia’s Aboriginal people, we see him develop a universal language that seeks to rewrite historical mistruths and injustice.

The latest installation at GOMA, ‘We Can Be Heroes’ was developed in collaboration with the Children’s Art Centre, starring the children of Warakurna in an imaginative collaboration – fun for the whole family!

The series is largely photographic featuring ‘Warakurna – Superheroes 2017’ series with the children of the Waranurka community depicted as their superhero identities! In an exploration of how we can all be empowered by overcoming our fears, the children made DIY superhero costumes, depicted in stunning images by Albert.

Children are welcome to create their own digital superhero identity, assemble a monster using collage sheets designed by the artist, and bring creatures of the artist’s imagination to life.

Haven’t seen enough of Tony Albert? Well, you’re in luck because the series ‘Visible’ is open from the 2nd of June, 2018. With a mix of humour, the series includes the artist’s epic appropriations and re-appropriations of kitsch ‘Aboriginalia’.

The Tony Albert exhibitions are free, so why not stop by GOMA today?

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