Winter Warmers

The cooler months are well and truly amongst us and it’s all too easy to lock yourselves inside as the weather becomes nippier.

But don’t let this ruin your social life! Fish Lane restaurants are cranking up the heat by providing warm, hearty, and delicious meals.

Start your winter wonderland experience at Julius Pizzeria by exploring the new seasonal menu. If you can’t decide whether you’re craving pizza or pasta… order both. From their Gamberi Piccanti pizza with chilli, mozzarella and local tiger prawns to their Pappardelle al Ragù d’Anatra flat ribbon pasta with a duck and tomato ragu, there is no shortage of delicious dishes to taste – and if this isn’t enough for you, they have weekly specials available to order.

Once you’re finished at Julius Pizzeria, rest assured that you won’t be left for cold outside – La Lune Wine Co is only a short stroll away.  As one of Australia’s Top 50 WINESLINGER nominations, you’re guaranteed to live any wine lovers dream by indulging in their finest quality Champagne or Pinot. While the wine menu will spoil you for choice, if you really want to experience a winter warmer, order one of the celebrated La Lune Burgundy wines or Shiraz.

While we think there’s no such thing as one-too-many wines, your head might be telling you a different story in the morning. If that’s the case, meander your way down the lane and experience the cosy comforts of Miss Green’s Beans coffee bar. Featuring a sunny upstairs deck to soak up those winter rays, (not to mention their soothing hot chocolates and mini treats!), Miss Greens is the ideal place to start a July morning.

Swap chills for chilli and frost for creamy fondue – there’s a plethora of heart-warming dishes and drinks to try in Fish Lane.

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