East of the Mountains and West of the Sea

Wander down Fish Lane by Saccharomyces Beer Café and you’ll be greeted by award-winning artist Lix North’s steampunk sensation.

East of the Mountains and West of the Sea stands at over a whopping 10m tall, watching over Fish Lane in a breathtaking celebration of the future and past with a peek into the precincts industrial origins.

West of the Sea depicts Fish Lane namesake George Fish standing atop a fishbowl, gazing through steampunk inspired glasses towards his future counterpart. As the manager of Fish Steam Laundry, the focus on steam is a reference to his origins and cleverly illustrates his involvement with the steam industry – and if he had anything to do with the introduction of hot showers in Brisbane, consider us his number one fans.

George faces East of the Mountains, a representation of the future depicted by Lix North herself, used to symbolise the progression of one of the city’s most vibrant laneways.

Explore Fish Lane to see these impressive murals for yourself, and discover the stories behind the art here.

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