Life in the Fish Lane

Ready to rethink your morning commute? Leave dreary trips on the motorway behind for a walk among vivid, sprawling imagery and lanes draped in brilliant neon displays.

Nope, we’re not talking about the streets of London or Prague – these scenes are drawn from South Brisbane’s very own Fish Lane. A set of ground-breaking art projects will revamp the spot in coming months, bringing the laneway to new artistic heights.

When your neighbours include GOMA and the Queensland Art Gallery, it’s safe to say that inspiration’s in no short supply! Previous art installations down Fish Lane including a mural from local graffiti artist Drapl, and the city’s famous Pillar Project.

But no matter how well you know the fun-filled Fish Lane, get ready to explore it again. ARIA Property Group is working hand-in-hand with CREATIVEMOVE to revive the laneway’s label as a lifestyle and cultural frontman. A public art program will turn daily commutes into trips through a walking art gallery, with the Brisbane street full to bursting with bold, emotive exhibitions.

And it’s not just the displays themselves that are sure to catch your eye – the showcase’s sheer scale is amazing, with massive murals, overhead lighting displays, and free-standing sculptures just some of what’s set to launch.

Already a Fish Lane fan? Don’t worry: the laneway’s current character won’t be left behind. Its iconic features (such as walls, screens and gates) will take their place in the exhibit – one that not just adds culture to the river city, but draws from it.

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