Five Reasons Why We Love Gelato Messina

Glorious gelato! Let’s face it – no one can pass up this melt-worthy treat, especially when it comes from Gelato Messina. With multiple blends and signature flavours, they take the cool dessert to a whole other level. Since we plead the fifth every time someone asks us how often we visit there, here are five reasons why we love Gelato Messina.

1. Baskin and Robbins aren’t the only guys who boast thirty-five flavours. Messina understands how hard it is to pick a winning combo when you only have chocolate or vanilla to choose from, which is why they love to offer a kaleidoscope of wonderful flavours! Creamy Macadamia Crunch, Italian Nougat, Apple Pie… sound likes the perfect gelato rainbow to us.

2. If you thought thirty-five flavours was a gelato dream, prepare yourselves. Alongside Messina’s abundance of permanent signature flavours, they also add five new ‘special’ flavours to the menu every week. If you fall for one of the special flavours and it disappears the next day, don’t worry! Just like how ‘stressed’ is desserts spelt backward, these special flavours always making a comeback in different and more exciting ways.

3. Thoughtful to say the least, Gelato Messina have also ensured everyone can try their signature range! As well as offering several sensational sorbet flavours that are completely dairy and gluten-free, their creamy selection of vegan-friendly options means no one has to miss out.

4. How does a gelato cake sound? Birthday, Christmas, day off work, breakfast… we’ll use any excuse just to indulge in one of their beautifully crafted gelato cakes. Once again, Messina’s range of flavours is huge, and there’s no better time to begin trying than now! As for the perfect start to your gateau journey, look no further Messina’s ‘Tiramasu Smash’ cake.

5. Last, but not least, we simply adore the authenticity of Gelato Messina. Made from scratch and in-house, using ingredients in their raw and most natural form, full flavoursome gelato at Messina is always guaranteed.

Catch ya ice-cream. Gelato Messina’s here to stay.

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