Knock Off Drinks

They don’t call it ‘happy hour’ for nothing, friends. The treasured knock-off drinks have been a tradition since the first caveman ditched the smashing-mammoths-with-rocks life for a more refined, 9-to-5 existence*.

Here’s the deal: whether you’re on the tools and been craving a beer since smoke-o, or your backlog of emails has been driving you ever closer to that pending carafe of wine, knock-offs are a part of life.

Ride that 5pm wave all the way to Fish Lane: we’ve got knock-offs to knock your socks off. (Try saying that three times fast.)

Maker | 9 Fish Lane
Rough Monday on the job? Better Maker the most of it. We can’t promise you won’t forget a visit to Fish Lane’s favourite hideaway bar (gin, you fiend), but you’ll have a ball while you’re there. Dedicated to experiential cocktails whipped up with the likes of bee pollen, filter coffee ice cubes, or honey-roasted pineapple, this isn’t your average brewhouse. For intimate after-work affairs, it’s time to meet your Maker.

Hello Please | 10 Fish Lane
Snack lovers, this one’s pho you. At Hello Please’s shipping-container-turned-restaurant, you’ll only need one phrase: ‘Hello, please don’t stop those Bintangs coming.’ Be warned – if you end up inhaling plates of chicken bao and BBQ lamb pancakes with your post-work wine or beer, we can’t be held accountable.

The Fox Hotel | 71-73 Melbourne Street
Let’s face it: there’s nothing foxier than a tall, bubbly, blonde… summer ale (thought we were going somewhere else with that, didn’t you?). From craft brews to cocktails on tap, South Brisbane’s iconic pub is the spot to be. Crowds start gathering at the Long Bar from 3pm, so swing by for a knock-off pint. Or a round of cocktail pitchers – hey, zero fox given.

La Lune Wine Co | 109 Melbourne Street
Boss on your case? Spreadsheet out of whack? Swap whining for wining with a post-work debrief at La Lune. Whether you’re saying ‘bonjour, mon amie’ to a sultry Pinot Noir or a crisp little Riesling, one thing’s for sure: you’ll chardonn-slay any stress in a hot second.

Saccharomyces Beer Café | Fish Lane (between Merivale & Hope Street)
Skip those sinful gins for a hangover-free brewski at Saccharomyces Beer Café. No, you won’t be able to say the word ‘Saccharomyces’ after two pints, but you’ll forget all about that snarky coworker in the cubicle across from you, and that’s what counts, Karen. That’s what counts.

Chu the Phat | 111 Melbourne Street
Forget South Brisbane station – after work today, it’s all aboard the Chu train. With cocktail names nearly as clever as their recipes, you’re in for a good time; whether you’re tackling the Kung Fu Panda or mastering The Way of the Dragon.

Julius Pizzeria | 77 Grey Street
Aper-roll on down, folks. As well as they know pizza, pasta, and oh-too-many arancini balls, Italians know their way around a good drop. Hey, aperitifs are practically compulsory over there, right? Swing by for a wind-down Aperol Spritz and thank us later.

Copperface Jacks | Corner of Edmondstone Street & Boundary Road
Hey, it should probably be called Beer-and-Burger Face Jacks (‘cause that’s what we’ll be stuffing ours with), but who are we to judge? Forget copper – this popular South Brisbane bar deserves the gold in nighttime drinks, dancing, and dishing out office gossip.

Watching the clock, yet? Yeah, us too.

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