A Good Muslim Boy

Are you prepared for an eye-opener, Brisbane? When it comes to what’s worth watching in South Brisbane this July, QPAC’s upcoming Good Muslim Boy is one stage-play everyone will want to see.

In an irreverent but tender memoir of a father, son and the question of faith, Iranian- Australian Osamah Sami’s true story placed in a theatrical setting makes for one haunting, hilarious and heart-wrenching retrospective tale.

After becoming the prestigious winner of New South Wales Premier Literary Award back in 2016, Sami decided to cross the border into Queensland and bring his story to the heart of South Brisbane.

So you might be asking, what does it mean to be a good Muslim boy? Well, it doesn’t include lying about a medical degree, becoming a controversial actor, and it definitely does not mean abandoning your arranged bride-to-be at the altar…

Yet you can expect all that and more to play out in this must-watch performance.

Osamah Sami alongside celebrated local actors such as Rodney Afif, and Nicole Nabout work together to represent live Sami’s struggles in his life, his relationship with his father, and the fight to bring his deceased father home.

Moving, endearing, and deeply reflective…. Such an outstanding play on multiculturism in Australia deserves a continued conversation that goes on long after the curtain falls. We suggest shifting from the bright lights of the theatre to the mood lighting of Saccharomyces Beer Café, whose relaxed atmosphere makes for the perfect place to reminisce on some of the momentous occasions of your own life as well as Osamah’s.

Grab a bite of their celebrated Falafel Patty burger topped with spinach, tomato halloumi, and chipotle relish, or drinking in any one of their brilliant local and imported craft ales on tap.

The beauty and contradiction found at the cross currents of Iranian and Australian culture will be showing at QPAC from the 12th of July to the 4th of August, so get your tickets now before they all run out!

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