Brisbane Street Art Festival is officially here

Who said that ‘watching paint dry’ was boring? Those who have never experienced the wondrous event that is the Brisbane Street Art Festival!

Far from dull, BSAF kicked off its third year last Saturday, and the whole of Brisbane was ecstatic! Fish Lane is in a flurry of activity as Brisbane continues to be flooded with both local and overseas artists from now until April 15th. Last year saw frescos like Sortwo’s Ascension by Leans and Horse brought to life, and this year will see even more vibrant works grace Fish Lane.

South Brisbane commuters can look forward to an original mural by lauded Hong Kong artist Bao Hao to grace the wall of 105 Melbourne St. Other international artists participating in this year’s BSAF include Malaysian artist Kenji Chai and Cloakwork, Mexican calligrapher Said Dokins, and more!

There’s no need to worry about how expensive BSAF is either – this festival is all about bringing art to the people! Thanks to the fifty artists participating this year, Brisbane will become one big, beautifully free exhibition you don’t have to pay to see.

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