Come Rain or Shine: Kuuki’s Grateful Fateful Sunshine Rain

Thirty-degree heat one minute, and then thunderstorms the next – Brisbane’s weather these past few weeks has been the definition of unpredictable. But commuters through South Brisbane can now rejoice! No longer do you need Karen Smith’s ‘there’s a 30 percent chance that it’s already raining’ ESP to figure out whether it’s worth lugging around that umbrella or not.

Kuuki’s Grateful Fateful Sunshine Rain installation in Fish Lane can predict it for you!

Stealing the thunder from weather reporters around the state, the changing kaleidoscopic visuals projected by this structure are not at all random – they represent the weather conditions as forecasted by The Bureau of Meteorology!

Temperature, humidity, precipitation… its illuminations even tell you which way the wind blows! So, there’s no need to have your heads in the clouds – this artwork will keep you feeling right as rain.

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