QPAC and Queensland Theatre present Mouthpiece

Fish Lane sits in the heart of Brisbane’s cultural hub, with public art installations, galleries, and theatres aplenty. 

If you’ve missed live performances in 2020, you won’t want to miss Mouthpiece, presented by QPAC and Queensland Theatre. Showing in the Playhouse Theatre from October 31 to November 14, Kieran Hurley’s startling, audacious and gripping play stars stage luminary Christen O’Leary and Queensland Theatre debutant Jayden Popik. 

Emotion-charged but full of humour, hope and fight, Mouthpiece tells the story of Libby and Declan–a pair that meet under unusual circumstances. Libby is a woman who has wasted her opportunities, while Declan is a young man who will never be offered any. He has a story, and she has the voice to tell it… but does she have the right to? The play begs the question: When does inspiration become theft?

Cap off your evening at the theatre with a stroll along Fish Lane, where you can feast your eyes on street art masterpieces, and feast on delicious meals at one of the lane’s many eateries

Head to QPAC’s website to book your tickets.

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