Faces of Fish Lane: Steve Pelecas of Next Episode

Next Episode is a notoriously big deal.

The speakeasy barbershop bar has made a colourful addition to Fish Lane over the past few months, creating a nightlife hotspot with creative cocktails and non-stop hip hop. It’s all been possible thanks to a man with a brilliantly vibrant personality, Steve Pelecas.

Someone who has always been a dreamer with a surge of creativity flowing through his veins, Pelecas put two and two together to result in Next Episode, and we were lucky to enough to have a chat with our friendly neighbourhood visionary.

Here’s a little bit more about the man behind the marvel.

Tell us about your background – professionally or personally!
Business concept building, running working boutique barbershops, songwriting.

What are you loving most about Brisbane right now?
Its adaption and creativity of growing its own cultural identity.

Now that you’re a part of Fish Lane, do you have a favourite artwork?
Muhummad Ali Portrait.

What’s your favourite dish or drink on Next Episode’s menu?
The Hendricks Lamar cocktail: Hendricks gin, aloe vera reduction, freshly pressed citrus, syrup and mint.

Did you have a childhood nickname?
Stevie Wonder (I liked to dream)

If you could only eat one meal forever what would it be?
American cheeseburgers.

If you could have ANY pet, what would it be?
A monkey for sure!

You’re cooking dinner to impress at home – what are you making?
Modern Greek crispy skin lemon chicken with tarama and salad.

What’s your ideal night out in Fish Lane?
Starting with an Americana style dinner at Big Roddy’s, followed by cocktail kick ons and hip hop head bops at Next Episode Bar.

Who is your biggest idol?
Dr Dre.

You can find Next Episode at 5 Cordelia St, open Thursday – Saturday from 5pm – 12am, and Sunday from 6pm – 12am.

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