The Big Deal about Roddy’s Ribs

As the saying goes, when it comes to food (or just about anything) it all comes down to “location, location, location,” and Brisbane favourite Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack embodies this concept three times over.

They’re located in Fish Lane (good choice guys!), they’re loved by the locals, but most importantly, they proudly source their delicious ribs straight from a sustainable and Australian location – Schultz’s farm in South East Queensland!

Even back in the day when they were gracing all of Brisbane’s best markets and food truck festivals before setting up shop with yours truly, Big Roddy’s owners Rod Saba and David Kempnich have always made their unique ribs (the secret behind the recipe kept tightly under wraps) with the Earth in mind.

Serving up food that ‘we can all feel good about eating,’ all of Roddy’s meats come from ethical farmers, such as Schultz’s and Cape Grim in Tasmania, who raise their animals with the best care without leaving a massive footprint on the surrounding environment.

Speaking of a good conscious making for good eats, Big Roddy’s lives up to its name with its massive menu. With six chicken options, four burgers, numerous sides, and, of course, their mouth-water pork and beef ribs, it’d take multiple trips to try them all!

As to what to try first, we suggest sidling up and getting chummy with their crumbly Jala-Macca-Peño Poppers, a super crispy side of spicy jalapenos stuffed with mac ‘n’ cheese and mozzarella, before diving into their secret recipe Pork Ribs slathered in Big Roddy’s BBQ sauce.

To finish off, top off the meal with their cream-of-the-crop chocolate ganache, a mousse iced with delicious chocolaty goodness and garnished with crumbled cookies.

Thanks to its fiery food and hearty atmosphere, this is one restaurant that’s bound to keep you warm throughout the cold season.

Don’t just stick to one’s ribs this Winter – give Big Roddy’s a try.

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