The Fox Hotel – The history behind the pub

As Fish Lane’s number one spot for $4 pizzas and $5 burgers (not to mention the beers), there’s a lot to love about The Fox Hotel.

But behind every crunchy chip and delicious draught is a story to tell – and we think it’s time to shed some light on the origin of this historic hotel!

While its Dandy Rooftop Bar is always a throwback to retro times, the Fox has actually been around much longer than most people realise – though this might be because The Fox has changed its name not once, not twice, but six times since its inception! First opening as ‘The Terminus’, this splendid pub has been providing the distilled goods to the great people of Queensland since 1920!

The building itself is even older and was first constructed in the late 1880s to mark the end of a tram route. Therefore, it makes sense that people have been chugging beer and chu-ing on classic pub food here since time began!

Its faded brick façade and art deco charisma alludes to the Fox’s previous life as a jaunty hotel, where guests would stay in what is now the upstairs function rooms. Certain ones like Acadia and the Boudoir Room are still reminiscent of the roaring twenties with their bespoke furnishings and indulgent décor.

Overall, while the pub has welcomed amazing additions like the Trocadero Long Bar and revamped rooms throughout the years, there are some things that never change.

Its quality beers and lively atmosphere means that The Fox Hotel will always be a pub for the ages.

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