Where to get your coffee fix on Fish Lane

Coffee beans are arguably Mother Nature’s greatest gift to mankind, as a life without coffee is frankly frightening – how else would we get through the Monday grind?

Luckily, Fish Lane is a brew-tiful place littered with venues to helping you satisfy your coffee cravings around the clock – read on for our favourites!

Hoo Ha Coffee Bar

Great brews, great space, great snacks to accompany – Hoo Ha really has it all! Stop by for a smooth espresso or filter brew on Fonzie Abbott beans, paired with a pastry or delicious loaded bagel.

Chu the Phat
If caffeine isn’t quite enough, try the Vietnamese Iced Coffee cocktail from Chu the Phat! This coffee-inspired sip consists of cold press coffee with condensed milk and a liqueur of your choice, with recommendations including Frangelico, Disaronno or Bailey’s. Did we mention the cocktail is recommended to be paired with the Vietnamese’s eatery deep-fried ice cream? 

Five Sisters Café and Bar
For a coffee worthy of Zeus and the gods, swing by Five Sisters Café, whose delightful blends and aromatic flavours will transport you straight to coffee heaven. As refreshing as a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, their $3 coffees will have you feeling buzzed in no time.

Gelato Messina
Who said the only way to get your coffee hit was in liquid form? For the dessert wizards at Gelato Messina, simple ice cream turns into a spectacle to behold, with their coffee gelato made with real espresso a truly drool-worthy fix you can get by the scoop. 

Newport’s Cafe
Nestled on Merivale Street and boasting a modern, minimalistic twist on the classic specialty coffee shop, Newport’s is a chic nook slinging freshly poured cups of craft coffee from Single O to get you through the day, as well as irresistible treats from Jocelyn’s. 

It’s never bean easier to seize the day along Fish Lane!

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