Modern Botanical Workshops at Fish Lane Studios

A series of five workshops at Fish Lane Studios kicks off with a Modern Botanical session on Thursday, July 23.

Define your ‘botanical style’ while you learn all about watercolour techniques, and tips on paper and reproduction, with acclaimed artist Wyn Vogel on hand to guide you, and offer tips on how to approach botanical art in a modern way. 

You’ll need to bring a few things along with you, including primary colours (Fish Lane Studios suggests cadmium yellow deep, ultramarine blue, cadmium red and green gold for good measure) and whatever other shades you have on hand. You’ll also need one full sheet (76 x 56cm, 300gsm) of cold-pressed watercolour paper, one wide brush, and one NEEF 4400–squirrel needle point brush–all of which can be purchased here, or at the studios before class. 

The workshop also includes complimentary tea and coffee, as well as a glass of wine (or you can BYO!). 
The Modern Botanical Workshop is the first of five workshops hosted at Fish Lane Studios– you can choose to come to one week, or all five! Book your spot here.

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