The coolest eats on Fish Lane

As the weather warms up, settle in for refreshing dining on these chilled plates at Fish Lane’s cafes and restaurants.

Oysters | La Lune Wine Co

Escape the heat with a plate of oysters (natural, or with a refreshing cucumber soda) and a glass of wine at La Lune! Other options for when you can’t bear the thought of a hot dish include the kingfish crudo with lime oil, bottarga, and bronze fennel, but be sure to check out their menu online to see what’s on offer this week!

Beef carpaccio | Billykart

Does it get any better than tender beef with truffle oil, rocket and parmesan? Billykart’s dinner menu is your one-way ticket to flavour town with their classic carpaccio, plus a fresh salmon tartare with avocado, edamame, yuzu and coriander also an apt choice for warmer nights!

Cheese and charcuterie | Maeve

Pull up a seat and Maeve and make your way through their cheese and charcuterie options when the weather calls for cool dining! With the likes of mortadella, duck ham, creamy Brillat Savarin, comte and more on the menu, these cold cuts make a seat at Maeve hot property.

Deep-fried ice cream | Chu the Phat

Our resident Chinese-inspired eatery takes the classic suburban restaurant dessert and turns it up to 100! Their golden deep-fried ice cream is perfectly cold inside, and served with a fragrant pineapple jam that makes it the perfect summer dessert.

Set menu | Gauge

Go gourmet with Gauge’s multi-course menus, which currently feature refreshing dishes including Rottnest Island scallop crudo with celery, and almond and jalapeno, and a cleansing dish of goats curd with sorrel granita and green apple.

Yellowfin tuna | Hello Please

For the perfect bite, Hello Please’s yellowfin tuna with a green Thai dressing and crispy crackers is sure to satisfy! Chow down on this tasty dish with a wine or cocktail in hand for an easy, breezy, beautiful time.

Guacamole | El Planta

If a snack attack hits when the mercury’s high, El Planta’s guacamole or salsa with totopos or house-made pickled jalapenos and veg are a delicious fiesta (and a grilled pineapple margarita or agua fresca doesn’t hurt, either). 

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