Nice To Meet You Again

Artists gathered from near and far for 2018’s Brisbane’s Street Art Festival and Fish Lane was lucky enough to be adorned with not one, not two, but three new pieces, including Bao Ho’s highly-anticipated “Nice to Meet You Again.”

A large-scale piece adorning the wall of 105 Melbourne St, “Nice to Meet You Again” follows Ho’s easy-breezy yet traditional freestyle technique. The sky-blue paint flows up the wall combining idiosyncratic caricatures of flying dragons, floating water and flying sheep seamlessly. Admirers may even take note that this aquatic-coloured masterpiece and its abundance of sea creatures is a nod to its location across from Fish Lane.

Despite being Ho’s, an internationally celebrated artist from Hong Kong, first signature piece in Brisbane, Australia was in fact the place where her art career started! After travelling across the plains of our country for a year to see if she could support herself through street art, she found success and went on to expand her portfolio with pieces in Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, the Czech Republic, and more!

Taking inspiration from the changing perspectives regarding street art in the modern day, admirers will love how “Nice to Meet You Again” reflects Ho’s personal journey towards finding her true self in art, amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

Like most art found in Fish Lane, Ho’s piece adorns the walls of a local favourite coffee nook, Miss Green Beans. Thanks to being situated directly below the mural, Miss Green Beans and its visitors now have more than delicious coffee and small bites to enjoy!

As a main feature of the upstairs courtyard, patrons will be able to admire with pleasure the artwork from all perspectives – just as Ho wanted it. So head over to 150 Melbourne Street, grab a coffee, and float upstairs to bask in the warm glow of the sun underneath this magnificent addition to Fish Lane.

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